Väinö 3.0m - 60m 0.15 Line

Renowned Väinö Gillnet

Väinö gillnets are made of soft well catching line. Cording is made in right relation. Both float cord and lead cord are high-quality. Huge popularity of VÄINÄ nets is based on an excellent price-quality relation. Nets are packed in stylish cardboard box.

Item No Model Size Height Line Length
VK30386015BE Väinö Gillnet 38mm 3.0m 0.15mm 60m
VK30406015BE Väinö Gillnet 40mm 3.0m 0.15mm 60m
VK30456015BE Väinö Gillnet 45mm 3.0m 0.15mm 60m
VK30506015BE Väinö Gillnet 50mm 3.0m 0.15mm 60m
VK30556015BE Väinö Gillnet 55mm 3.0m 0.15mm 60m
VK30606015BE Väinö Gillnet 60mm 3.0m 0.15mm 60m
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