Väinö Power Auger


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Väinö Power Auger – Reliable Power Auger For Cold Conditions

Väinö Power Auger has a strong 1,1 kW Force American Standard engine which makes drilling holes a whole new experience.
Finland’s largest outdoor magazine, Erä tested Väinö Power Auger in their 2012 January issue. It got lot of praise for its very easy ignition. The auger had started easily in any weather. The test was conducted in several weather- and ice conditions. The auger had penetrated the ice with ease in all the conditions.
Spare blades also available

Techncial Specifications:

Type: 1E40F-5A
Engine Capacity: 43cc
Operation: 2-Stroke
Cooling Air Cooling
Idle Speed 2200rpm
Max. Rpm: 7500rpm
Fuel Tank 1100ml
Transmission: 1:30.2
Drill speed: 248rpm
Drill Diameter: 8” (n.20cm) / 10” (n.25cm)
Drill Length: 110cm

Item No: Model
VK21KM Väinö Power Auger 1,1 kW 8”
VK22KM Väinö Power Auger 1,1 kW 10”