Genius Corns

Artificial Genius Baits

Genius Baits are many times more effective than any natural or artifical baits thanks to their 350 times stronger smell and taste qualities. Attractive flavors last at least eight hours under water.

Item No: Model
GBC-01001 Genius Corn YELLOW, SWEET
GBC-01002 Genius Corn MIX, SWEET
GBC-01003 Genius Corn RED, FISH
GBC-01004 Genius Corn ORANGE, SHRIMP
GBC-01005 Genius Corn YELLOW, CHEESE
GBC-01007 Genius Corn ORANGE, LIVER
GBC-01008 Genius Corn MIX, FISH
GBC-01009 Genius Corn WHITE, FISH
GBC-01010 Genius Corn YELLOW, FISH

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