Stora Verner Vertical

Very Flexible Vertical Jig in Amazing Colors

  • 20 colors
  • 2 sizes
  • Length 15.5cm / 20.0cm
  • Weight 12g / 28g
  • Very flexible
  • Made of extremely durable high quality silicone rubber compound
  • 3D eyes
Item NoItemColorLengthWeight Verner 6"Smelly Carrot15cm12g Verner 6"Orange Ambulance15cm12g Verner 6"Brown Flake15cm12g Verner 6"Smelly Lime15cm12g Verner 6"Winner15cm12g Verner 6"Sunrise15cm12g Verner 6"Slime15cm12g Verner 6"Limetiger15cm12g Verner 6"Blue Flake15cm12g Verner 6"Pinky15cm12g
Stora Verner 6"Yellow Flake15cm12g Verner 6"Smelly Yellow Flake15cm12g Verner 6"Silver Arrow15cm12g Verner 6"Darkrise15cm12g Verner 6"Cold Sparkle Oil15cm12g Verner 6"Orange Flake15cm12g Verner 6"Ambulance15cm12g Verner 6"Black15cm12g Verner 6"Dusker15cm12g Verner 6"Motoroil15cm12g Verner 8"Smelly Carrot20cm18g Verner 8"Orange Ambulance20cm18g Verner 8"Brown Flake20cm18g Verner 8"Smelly Lime20cm18g Verner 8"Winner20cm18g Verner 8"
Sunrise20cm18g Verner 8"Slime20cm18g Verner 8"Limetiger20cm18g Verner 8"Blue Flake20cm18g Verner 8"Pinky20cm18g Verner 8"Yellow Flake20cm18g Verner 8"Smelly Yellow Flake20cm18g Verner 8"Silver Arrow20cm18g Verner 8"Darkrise20cm18g Verner 8"Cold Sparkle Oil20cm18g Verner 8"Orange Flake20cm18g Verner 8"Ambulance20cm18g Verner 8"Black20cm18g Verner 8"Dusker20cm18g Verner 8"Motoroil20cm18g

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