Shaker Baits Mad Roach

Super Fine 3D Roach in 5 Sizes

  • 6 colors
  • 5 sizes
  • Made of extremely durable high quality silicone rubber compound
  • Lifelike movement
  • 3D eyes

    Item NoItemColorLengthWeightQty/pkg Roach SGold Lime8cm5g5 Roach MGold Lime10cm11g4 Roach LGold Lime12cm23g3 Roach XLGold Lime16cm41g2 Roach XXLGold Lime20cm88g1 Roach SSilver8cm5g5 Roach MSilver10cm11g4 Roach LSilver12cm23g3 Roach XLSilver16cm41g2 Roach XXLSilver20cm88g1 Roach SRed Smokey8cm5g5 Roach MRed Smokey10cm11g4 Roach LRed Smokey12cm23g3 Roach XLRed Smokey16cm41g2 Roach XXLRed Smokey20cm88g1 Roach SPerch8cm5g5 Roach MPerch10cm11g4 Roach LPerch12cm23g3 Roach XLPerch16cm41g2 Roach XXLPerch20cm88g1 Roach SGreen Silver 8cm5g5 Roach MGreen Silver10cm11g4 Roach LGreen Silver12cm23g3 Roach XLGreen Silver16cm41g2 Roach XXLGreen Silver20cm88g1 Roach SRed Perch8cm5g5 Roach MRed Perch10cm11g4 Roach LRed Perch12cm23g3 Roach XLRed Perch16cm41g2 Roach XXLRed Perch20cm88g1

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