Light and Durable Hunting Disguise

Camonet has three different colors, and four different size options. Very versatile net. The net doesn’t rot and is anti-mold.
It doesn’t gleam and is quiet. UV protected. Very easy to transport.
Three colors:

  • Green/Brown – Basic camouflage for forest, waterfront etc.
  • Beige – Special Camouflage color for grain and autumn bed of reeds. Beige/Light Beige
  • White – For winter time and close to hay stacks

    Description 1.4m x 3m 2.4m x 3m 1.4m x 6m 2.4m x 6m
    Camonet Green CZM-1430G CZM-2430G CZM-1460G CZM-2460G
    Camonet Beige CZM-1430B CZM-2430B CZM-1460B CZM-2460B
    Camonet White CZM-1430W CZM-2430W CZM-1460W CZM-2460W

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