Blind Fishpole

BLIND POLE – Easy way to start the noble hobby of fishing

  • Fiberglass float fishing rod
  • Suitable for all, from pros to beginners

Item No. Model Length Box
BPO-L300 Blind Pole 300 3,00m 1pcs x50
BPO-L400 Blind Pole 400 4,00m 1pcs x50
BPO-L500 Blind Pole 500 5,00m 1pcs x50
BPO-L600 Blind Pole 600 6,00m 1pcs x25
BPO-L700 Blind Pole 700 7,00m 1pcs x25
BPO-L800 Blind Pole 800 8,00m 1pcs x25
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