Power Auger Adapter | Ice auger adapter to join auger and cordless drill

Makes Hand Auger An Electric Auger 

Handy adapter to use your cordless drill as ice auger. Use adapter join auger and cordless drill together and you are ready to go. Adapter comes with plastic safety ring which restrain auger drop in to auger hole. Material is 304 Stainless Steel.

NOTE: Cordless drill has to have 13mm chuck for these adapters. We strongly recommend use at least 18V drill with 4.0mAh battery. More bigger battery more holes per day you make. 

Item No ItemBox
910 – X10 Power Auger Adapter for UR/Heinola/Rapala/Rammer Augers1/10/100
910 – X11 Power Auger Adapter for Mora Nova Augers1/10/100
910 – X12 Power Auger Adapter for Mora Expert/Scandinavian tackle Pro Auger / Asseri Augers1/10/100
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