Väinö Caviar

“Caviar” Mormyshka

Scandinavian Tackle mormyshkas are made of high-grade tungsten, which is very important, as the high density gives a fisherman a better feel on the jig.

Our mormyshkas are painted using 3-layer painting technology, quite similar technique with car painting, which makes it much more durable against fish bites. All the loops are paint free, which is very important for fishermen.

We only use chemically sharpened Japanese hooks for our mormyshkas.

Väinö Caviar has a special roe as an extra acctractor.

Item No: Model Weight Hook Diameter
G4-BRC Väinö Caviar BRC 4 0.95g 12 5mm
G4-BY Väinö Caviar BY 4 0.95g 12 5mm
G4-BOC Väinö Caviar BORC 4 0.95g 12 5mm
G4-BGC Väinö Caviar BGC 4 0.95g 12 5mm
G5-BRC Väinö Caviar BRC 5 1.95g 12 5mm
G5-BY Väinö Caviar BY 5 1.95g 10 6mm
G5-BOC Väinö Caviar BORC 5 1.95g 10 6mm
G5-BGC Väinö Caviar BGC 5 1.95g 10 6mm
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