Walz & Schöder Knives

Knifes with German Steel Blade

  • Blades made of German Steel Grade 1.4116;HRC
  • Blade Hardness HRC 56
Item No Item Blade Length Blade Thickness
WZS120 Walz & Schöder Pairing Knife 3.5” 89mm 1.5mm
WZS121 Walz & Schöder Boning Knife 6” 153mm 2mm
WZS122 Walz & Schöder Flexible Boning Knife 6” 153mm 2mm
WZS123 Walz & Schöder Butcher Knife 6” 178mm 2.5mm
WZS124 Walz & Schöder Paring Knife 8” 203mm 2mm
WZS125 Walz & Schöder Flexible Filleting Knife 8” 203mm 2mm
WZS126 Walz & Schöder Cook’s Knife 8” 203mm 3mm
WZS127 Walz & Schöder Cook’s Knife 10” 254mm 3mm
WZS128 Walz & Schöder Bread Knife 10” 254mm 2mm
WZS129 Walz & Schöder Santoku Knife 7” 175mm 2.5mm
WZS130Walz & Schöder Flexible Fillet Knife 8”20cm1.8mm
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