Inari Champion Downrigger Release

The Real Original Inari Champion from Rovaniemi Finland’s Arctic Circle

2-phase line release is very reliable and hooks the fish better.
The joint structure ensures that line releases in all the situations. The pull can also come from below, for example, when the fish is diving.

Phase 1. The fish has released the line’s “locking coils” and line can slide freely. The vertical line is subject to water pressure which tightens the line and sets the hook.

Phase 2. When the fish pulls back, the body of the release turns, and the resistance of the vertical line releases the line.

  • Sets the hook better
  • No Accidental Releases
  • Detects even the smallest bites
  • Adjustable Release Power
  • Made in Finland!
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INR-120 Inari Champion Downrigger Release
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