Väinö Jokkmokk 2

Oval Shape Arctic Char Lure

  • Size 55 × 20mm
  • Weight 10g
  • Material Brass
  • Comes with a leader line and VMC hook
  • Works with all the salmonidae
Item No Item Color
JKK-1101 Väinö Jokkmokk2 RSS-Copper
JKK-1102 Väinö Jokkmokk2 RSS-Gold
JKK-1103 Väinö Jokkmokk2 YRS-Copper
JKK-1104 Väinö Jokkmokk2 YBD-Copper
JKK-1105 Väinö Jokkmokk2 RBD-Copper
JKK-1106 Väinö Jokkmokk2 GBD-Gold
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