Väinö Red EVA-series


  • Hoikka
  • Ruuhijärvi
  • Kaitainen
  • Siikajärvi

Väinö Red EVA-Series

All the rods have 100mm EVA handle and red 75mm spool. Four tip options available.

Item No Model Spool Handle Tip
908-01675 Väinö Hoikka 75mm 75mm EVA Uglyice-tip 200mm
908-01775 Väinö Ruuhijärvi 75mm 75mm EVA Fast action fiberglass tip 200mm
908-01875 Väinö Kaitainen 75mm 75mm EVA Fluor green tip 200mm
908-01975 Väinö Siikajärvi 75mm 75mm EVA Fast action metal tip 120mm