Väinö DS Special SAG+

Silver Plated Tungsten Jig with Swarovski Crystal Bead

Scandinavian Tackle mormyshkas are made of high-grade tungsten, which is very important, as the high density gives a fisherman a better feel on the jig. Many companies mix tungsten with lead or some other metal decreasing the density.
Our mormyshkas are painted using 3-layer painting technology, quite similar technique with car painting, which makes the much more durable against fish bites. All the loops are paint free, which is very important for fishermen. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, when fisherman is out there on the ice and takes a new jig, opening the loop can be quite annoying when in cold. Furthermore, many times another hook is used to clear the loop, many times this causes scratching of the paint and in some cases, flaking the paint therefore reducing the life of the jig. Durable 3-layer painting extends the life of the jig.
All our plated models use real gold, silver and copper for plating. Each metal has its own different sound under the water, that’s why different metals work in the different situations. It’s said that silver is the best catching of these metals. Also, if quality of the materials used for plating is not good, tarnishing will happen and life time of the jig will decrease.
We only use chemically sharpened Japanese hooks for our mormyshkas. For galvanized models we use a special plating technique developed by our engineers. Normally, jigs are plated by putting them inside drum, where liquid metal is, and plated by whirling them around the drum. That technique creates slightly thicker plating and also, when in the drum, hooks will have contact with other jigs. Both of these will decrease the sharpness. In our technique this will not happen.
Some special models use real Swarovski crystals as beads. First one might think that there is no difference between Swarovski crystal, or lower quality crystal bead. Actually, there is a big difference how different kind of crystals reflect the light. That can only be seen underwater, but truth is that there is big difference in good crystals and bad crystals.

Art. No. Model Weight Hook Diam. Length
D35-SAG+ DS Special SAG 35 1,20g 14 4,2mm 6,4mm
D40-SAG+ DS Special SAG 40 1,60g 14 4,7mm 7,0mm
D45-SAG+ DS Special SAG 45 2,20g 12 5,2mm 7,8mm

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