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Auger which can bite into any kind of ice quickly.

 Scandinavian Tackle Pro Auger is foldable and low weight which makes it easy to transport and great to use. The easy to change blades and a comfort grip make drilling smooth. Can be used with cordless power drills (adapter required).

  • Extra Sharp Blades
  • Material 4 C13R
  • Hard Coating
  • Changeable Blades
  • Three Blade Sizes
  • Plastic Blade Cover
  • 1000mm Drilling Depth
  • Small Carry Size
  • Heavy Construction
  • Total length 1550mm
  • Folded length 750mm

    Item No. Item Blade Size Box
    909-PRO100 Scandianvian Tackle Pro Auger 4"  100mm/4” 1x 4pcs
    909-PRO130 Scandianvian Tackle Pro Auger 5"  130mm/5” 1× 4pcs
    909-PRO150 Scandianvian Tackle Pro Auger 6"  160mm/6” 1× 4pcs
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